Existing businesses

We will be adding here information about existing businesses trading in the Craft Village


Ishbel Macdonald Paintings and Prints, Gallery.

I studied Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art and moved north to Durness in 1982. After two children, I established the gallery in 1988 as The Printmaker’s Gallery. At that time I was concentrating on  making and selling limited edition screenprints. I found that having a home and workshop and selling space all in the same building was ideal both from a financial point of view and also in terms of caring for small children.

Over the years I have built up a clientele of people who collect my work along with a continuous flow of passing trade in the summer months. I made the decision last year to stop making screenprints and now work in water based painting media and digital photography. I also changed the name of the gallery to Ishbel Macdonald Paintings and Prints, and established a website which allows me contact with customers over the winter months. The gallery has always been principally an outlet for my own work, but over the years, I have also shown and sold work by Alan Herman; woodworker, Iris Wallace; enamel artist, and currently, Noelle Bose; weaver, and Martina Mcleod, ceramicist.


1 Response to Existing businesses

  1. Sylvia Jordan says:

    Can you please tell me whether Jean Addison-Fitch is still residing/working in the village? I would like to contact her regarding an item I purchased from her some years ago, if anyone knows where she is now.

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